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Terms of Service

1. About use

The customer accepts and is bound by these Terms of Service when he / she browses and uses this site. Please note that these Terms of Service may be revised without prior written notice.

2. About copyright

The copyright for all content displayed on this site belongs to "Our company". Reproduction, modification, distribution to third parties, sale, publication, etc. are prohibited without the prior written permission of "Our company".

3. About trademarks

The logo displayed on this site is a registered trademark or unregistered trademark of "Our company" and others.

4. About password

The user shall use the password set by himself / herself and manage the password at his / her own risk. Even if the user's password is damaged by unauthorized use by a third party, "Our company" cannot be held responsible for it.

5. About changes in service content

"Our company" shall be able to change, suspend or discontinue the services of this site at any time without notifying the user in advance.

6. About cancellation of this site

"Our company" may suspend this site temporarily or for a long time without prior notice in the event of a system failure or server maintenance. In addition, "Our company" shall not be liable for any damage caused by the suspension of this site.

7. About personal information

We promise that the registration information entered on this site will be thoroughly managed and will not be disclosed to third parties.

8. About the link

The linked sites set or set by this site are not under the control of "Our company", and "Our company" shall not be responsible for the site.

9. Complaint support

If you would like to report any product content that may be illegal or in violation of standards, please do so from the contact page. Also, if you have a request to delete such a product to the person depicted in the product content, please do so from the contact page.

10. Other

If "Our company" receives an e-mail with content that violates this site and "Our company", slander, or these Terms of Service, the e-mail can be deleted without notifying the sender and third parties.

11. Governing law

UK law shall be the governing law for the interpretation and application of these Terms of Service.
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